A driving force behind BristowHouse Productions

In 2011 Bill Bristow held Blaine Houserman hostage in the Moroccan Desert. I used, ‘The Old Land Rover has broken down trick’. It worked. Bill Bristow, a ruthless man offered Blaine Houserman two options. 1. Form BristowHouse Productions Ltd. 2. Ride a camel home. Mr Houserman who suffers from certain ailments could not face the prospect of sitting on a camel for 20 days. That evening of 10/08/2011, as belly dancers waggled their voluptuous bodies and the audience fed on sheeps eye balls, Blaine Houserman signed the document. BristowHouse was born, with sand and sweat.

Actually, it all started with ‘Used Books’, Jeremy Lanni and The I’ve Seen Films Festival in Milan. Bill is on the panel of judges and looks at anything between 200 to 500 films. Jeremy Lanni submitted his film ‘ A Reuben By Any Other Name.’ www.noblesavageproductions.com. Jeremy went back to L.A. Bill put Jeremy in touch with his friends Blaine Houserman. The rest just sort of fell into place.