We regularly hold a number of premier events such as launch parties, black tie dinners and pre-release screenings, enabling the investors to experience the thrill of watching their film move and engross a cinema audience. When ever possible we encourage our investors to attend special events where they can meet the actors, director and producers. chance to attend our annual event at BAFTA and the Cannes Film festival to complete the film experience.


Our clients are more than just investors, one of the biggest and most exciting aspects of investing and working in film is the time spent on the film set. Our clients have the opportunity to visit the film set and get closer to the action whilst we are filming, and where appropriate are offered the chance to participate as an extra or supporting cast. This first hand insight into filmmaking has proven to be a memorable and exciting experience for the investor and family members. Watching your investment in the film and the script actually come to life is the reason that investing in film can be more satisfying than another type of investment and nothing comes close in terms of thrill and excitement.


Certain levels of investment will warrant a Executive Producer credit or recognition for investing in the film, your name will appear on the film credits and posters around the world. Some investors have the potential to become more involved in the production of the film, which is ideal for investors looking to build a profile or career in the UK Film Industry.


Exclusive investor-only access to the website with access to scripts in Development and the opportunity to track the production and ask the producers questions. Exclusive previews of images and content from the front line of the shoot.


Investor packs which will include the opportunity to ask the producers film-related questions. Exclusive previews of images and content from the set. Exclusive material ahead of release to the general public. These could prove very valuable should a film achieve cult status.